Monday, November 9, 2009

success doesn't get bigger than this

I want to share with you the fascinating story of Bikram Choudhary,founder of Bikram Yoga.This story has appeared in the Nov issue of the Society magazine.The website is
He learnt his yoga from Bishnu Ghosh, the brother of Paramhansa Yoganand of The Autobiography of a Yogi fame.He has cured celebrities like the Prime Minister and the Emperor of Japan and the President OF THE U.S.of the most incurable diseases.He's probably the only person to have got the Z2 status as a U.S immigrant where he has lived for the last 40 years. Bikram Yoga has 50 million adherents worldwide. It is a set of 26 asanas done in temp of 40 degrees celcius.
The power of yoga and meditation is immense. It's time we took charge of our lives and absorb the many bounties of nature. And the place to start is our own bodies,the epic of creation.
The problems of the world are, infact, opportunities.And the point to start is right from our own selves.Otherwise we become part of the problem.

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