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Fw: There live a genius called Satyajit Ray


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This is the tragedy of modern living.Geniuses are terrible marketeers.Therefore I've known Ray only through Shantranj Ke Khiladi. But today I watched Agantuk, and  am now better exposed to Ray's genius, and the Apur Trilogy now I'll surely buy to absorb more of Life.Yes, that's true. The more we live in love, the more LIFE comes to us unannounced, the richer our life becomes.
                                            Aganuk is about the return of a prodigal, a genius who has topped in Matric, Intermediate and BA. Then his grandmother gives himRs 3,000(around 1950) saying he's brought glory to the family. With this fortune he gets a chance to do his own things, becoming a kind of "oddball" for the supposedly "civilized" society that we claim proud inheritance of.
                                               My sense is that we should not be smug about our civilization. The world will change beyoud your comprehension in the next 50 years. Just be full of love and open yourself, and you'll be absolutely safe and secure in these most challenging and dynamic times.But those who are "koopmanduk" and cocooned in their own small spheres, will find the going tough. 
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