Sunday, November 15, 2009

Without You there is Nothing

I'm writing this in the aftermath of the Headly affair where poor Rahul, son of Mahesh Bhat, is being investigated for his alleged links with Headley.This operative is a fitness freak, and a charmer to boot and took up residence bang opposite the American Consulate at Breach Candy in Mumbai.There he befriended Rahul, a trainer in Moksh, a fitness centre in the same locality, and now Rahul is under the scanner and Mahesh Bhat is supposed to have aged more in seven days than he ever did in the past.
                             This then is addressed to our children who are in the same impressionable age.Be very careful in having friends. Be extra careful if , like Headley, they are charmers or their parents are rich and famous. Most of these rich and famous blokes are on an ego trip.They don't have to earn a living,as they have enough of unearned income to blow.So they have very few things in common with us.
                             Then I notice these young guys whizzing past on their mobikes as one drives.Our busy roads, with not an extra inch for manoeuvring, is the last place on earth where one can be carefree. But these guys probably think that they are the proverbial cat with nine lives.
                                This human life that we've got is such a blessing. This Mother Earth where we live is such a beautiful place to be.Protect your life with all your might. But we abuse our body, mind and soul no end. And when life is cut short,or their is an accident or disease, we blame our "karma," without realizinz that our every thought, word and deed goes to make our life what it is.Blaming destiny or karma, and not your utter UNMINDFULNESS, means you'll never have a great life.
                       Live, live well, love yourself, give yourself a blast of a life.This you owe to all your loved ones and, above all, to YOURSELF. Take care of the moment and you've ensured a blastful of eternity.

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