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Contrary to doomsdayers and naysayers, the world will continue to thrive after Dec21, 2012.The only thing we have to guard against is infections. This will require raising our immunities. And the best way to do this is to empower our Spirit, move from the grossness of matter to the lightness of Spirit. And the best way to get started on the path is through meditation, as explained in the accompanying article.
             Any time is good for meditation, whenever one is free. So go right ahead and give yourself a blast.The love that you are hankering after, give it to yourself.Understand the tricks of the mind and treat it as a good servant. As a master, it can destroy us.Let thoughts come, they'll go their own accord.The secret is not to connect two independent and unconnected thought to weave a story to torment your psyche.Whenever you think something negative, immediately tell yourself that the mind is upto it's devilish ways and reprimand your own mind to stop it's chatter and useless stories.
                          It's a fascinating journey.Discover your real you and gain an eternity.
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Meditation helps you do less and accomplish more.


Meditation is being with our own self, loving our own self, spending time with
our own self. As we spend time with our respective spouses, with our kids, with
our friends, with our neighbours,… we have ,also, to spend time with ourselves;…
that is Meditation.
Everyday we must sit in a corner of our own room. We can sit happily in a chair.
We should cross our feet. We should relax ourselves totally. We should close our
eyes and clasp our hands and be with our Breath. We should not open our eyes…
come what may!
Everybody needs to Meditate for as many times as possible… everyday. Whenever we
find time,… whenever there is no other urgent work in our agenda…, Meditation
becomes the urgent need of our day-to-day agenda.
The Science of Meditation is so very simple ! " When we are with the Breath, the
Mind becomes Empty,…" this is the First law of The Science of Meditation.
There are three laws of Physical Motion. And , there are three laws of
Thermodynamics. Similarly, there are Three laws in The Science of Meditation.
The first Law says:
" When we are with the Breath, the Mind becomes Empty. "
Breath is not a part of the body; but it is in the body. Breath is not anything
material… but it is sufficiently material to concentrate upon! Breath is an
incessantly happening thing. Breath does not age! Breath is the ambassador of
pure consciousness in the body! Breath is so simple! Breath can be experienced!
Breath can be grasped.
We have to attune ourselves to our Breath! When we attune ourselves to the
breath, the Mind becomes Empty! This is the First Law, the First Great Law of
this Great Science of Meditation.
Meditation is silencing the Mind ! For that… we… begin … with… the… Breath!
We don't begin Meditation with any chanting! Chanting doesn't play any part,
doesn't play any role in Meditation! The mouth has to be kept shut! The mouth is
a part of this material World, and as such, is of no use in the Science of
Meditation! The mouth has no Meditational role whatsoever !
Up above the Mouth, there is the Nose…! And, within the Nose there is the Breath
! That's where Meditation begins! Breath is the Alpha in the Science of
Meditation. The Omega in the Science of Meditation is the Third Eye.
Since Meditation is silencing the mind, we can't have any mental image
whatsoever to concentrate upon! We have to make the mind a zero ! So, no mental
images whatsoever ! No visualization exercises! We should not hold onto some
spot in our Third Eye area! No mental image! And no sounds in the mouth!
No mantras in the mouth! No mental images in the mind!
The mind has to be with the Breath! That is the bottom-line! If the Mind is not
with the Breath, the Mind does not become Empty!
The Mind has to become Empty ! The mind has to lose all its socio-religious
mental images,… Hindu images, Christian Images, Muslim Images, Communist Images,
Atheistic Images, Theistic Images, Buddhistic Images. The Mind has to be
absolutely Empty!
The Second Great Law of Science of Meditation is: " When the Mind is Empty, huge
amounts of Cosmic Energy flood into the Body,…into the Physicalness. "
The jungle-mind is the barrier!
A jungle-mind doesn't allow cosmic energy to enter into the body-system. When
the mind is like a forest, it is a great barrier,… it does not allow any cosmic
energy to seep into the body.
The jungle-mind is so very impermeable, solid ! However, when the solid mind
becomes a liquid mind, or a gaseous mind, there is so much porosity and the mind
becomes semi-permeable… and the cosmic energy floods into the body.
The Mind needs to be totally Empty !
The Mind is the separator of the physical energy and the cosmic energy. It is
the dividing line between the physical energy and cosmic energy. When the Mind
is like a forest, it is like a solid barrier!
A Mind becomes like a semi-permeable membrane only if all thoughts cease. So, to
make our solid mind into a liquid mind … with more porosity,… where there are
less number of thoughts, and more gaps… that is Meditation ! And, the way is
only through Breath!
All of us understand thoroughly about the osmotic pressure in the root system.
The Nutrients from the outside enter the root system of every plant because the
tip of the root is semi-permeable. The same thing happens when the mind is in
Meditation. The Mind becomes semi-permeable. The solid barrier becomes a porous
one, and huge amounts of cosmic energy naturally flood into the physical body.
The Third Great Law of the Science of Meditation says " When sufficient amounts
of Cosmic Energy enter the Physical Body… and the Physical body gets saturated
with the cosmic energy… the result is the Third Eye."
The final Result in Meditation is the Activation of our Inner Senses. The Final
result is Activating our Extra Sensory Perception! The Final Result is
Activating our Soul consciousness ! The Final Result is Acquiring the Soul.
In the case of a normal man, the Soul has lost the Soul! The Paradise has been
lost ; the Paradise has to be regained ! The Soul is the Paradise !
The Physical Body should become saturated with Cosmic Energy! When the body is
saturated with Cosmic Energy, the Soul's Potential becomes, gradually Kinetic!
Otherwise, The potential remains just a potential… a dry potential.
The Soul has Infinite Potential ! And, Infinite Capacity! However, all that is
dry potential as long as we don't awaken our Meditation!
All the body-mind entities have to become body-mind-soul entities! That is where
The Science of Meditation chips in!
The Science of Meditation is The Mother of all the other Sciences.
The Science of Meditation is the Science of Health! The Science of Meditation is
the Science of Joy! The Science of Meditation is the Science of Energy
The Science of Meditation is the only Unifying Science. It unifies all the
various divided sects of humanity.


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